Prayer and Fasting Week

Thank you for joining us as we position ourselves before the Lord with a great expectation to receive a greater understanding of His heart for us, the youth of Colorado Springs, and the ministry.  

We believe that this week we will become in tune with the battles we face and the youth face either  from our situation/environment, cultural, and those that come through our heart and mind. In those battles the Lord stands with us and tells us to be of good courage.  We also have been given some very effective weapons that when used give us the encouragement we need to endure the battle to victory!

Each day is set up with those weapons;  Praise, The Word, and Prayer. As you are one of many that will be praying and fasting this week, we ask that you keep a journal of what you hear for us as a ministry serving the youth.  You might think it’s silly or doesn’t make sense but it may be a piece of a bigger message. We are also including some songs that you may listen to, to bring your focus on our God and your heart in a position to receive.

Monday: Preparing the soil of our Hearts

Today as we begin our prayer and fasting we sit and invite the Holy Spirit to take us to the throne room of our Lord, where we sit at our Lord’s feet and submit to Him our hearts.

Songs: Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace), Throne Room, Worthy of it All

Praise: God for His Love, For His faithfulness, For being our Creator, For sending His son Jesus that we may enter into His presence, For being available to us, For His kindness, His work.

The Word: Psalm 26:2-3, Psalm 139: 23-24, Matthew 5: 23-24, Ephesians 6: 10-20


  • That our heart is tilled by the hand of our Lord

  • That our ears be open to hear what the Lord is saying

  • That as we hear what the Lord is saying we harden not our hearts, but that we obey the instruction in humility

  • Pray that we take on the character trait of Humility

Tuesday: Situational Battles

Today we ask the Holy Spirit to open our minds to how the verses in Matthew apply to us today.  What situations fit into what Jesus is talking about. There are situations in life that we have no control over being part of.  There is child abuse, neglect, spousal abuse, bullying, sexual abuse, etc. Being in these situations creates a hopelessness in our kids along with deep identity issues. Mental health issues is on a steady rise among our youth, it’s root is in hopelessness.  Ask Jesus to highlight a situation that our youth, their parents, or we might be facing.

Songs: Extravagant, Our God Reigns

Praise: God for being our Refuge, for being our Comforter, for being our Defender, for being our Avenger, for His Compassion, for being Just, for being our Friend.
The Word: Matthew 25:31-46


  • That God’s light shines in the darkness of the situation

  • That God assigns an angel to speak encouragement into the situation

  • That God sends a friend that knows Him and Believes His word to keep them from falling

  • That the situation gets them running into the arms of Jesus

  • That the hungry spirit of the hopeless be fed by our God

  • That the thirsty will drink deeply from the living water

  • That the stranger will be known

  • That the sick will find healing

  • That the prisoner will find freedom

  • Pray that we take on the character trait of Compassion

Wednesday: Cultural Battles

Today we invite the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to the cultural battle we are in.  We ask the Lord to tune us into the way the culture has progressively moved into our hearts.  What we believe is wrong we have become callous to from living in it for so long that instead of standing firm in what is good, we have accepted what the world is feeding us.  We have bought into the pleasure now, me first, feels good must be good mentality of our culture. Sexual immorality, anger, deceit and idolatry are growing rampantly in our world.  

Songs:  Rescue, God be Praised, Where I Belong (Cory Asbury)

Praise: God for that He is Holy, for His Perfect Law, for his Forgiveness, for his Truth, for His Peace, for His Sovereignty.

The Word:

Romans 12:2, Colossians 2:6-8, John 17:15-19


  • That we allow the Holy Spirit to do an inventory of our hearts

  • For courage to walk away from  what the world offers

  • That we become disgusted by the sin

  • That we see God’s law as delightful and good

  • That we rise up in knowledge of the power and authority we have in Christ

  • Pray that we not be tempted

  • Pray that we submit our weaknesses to God that His strength is manifested in us

  • Pray that we take on the character trait of Holiness

Thursday:  Battles of Heart & Mind

Today we ask the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on our hearts and minds.  That we feel the healing oil cover us from the very top of our head, into our hearts.  Our minds is where our enemy attacks to get us to doubt our faith, our identity, our purpose.  What happens in our minds is carried out by our hearts. How we train and maintain the health of both is important.  Allowing the Holy Spirit access to both of them regularly will help us to identify wrong beliefs, lies, and where the enemy is attacking.  If we don’t know that there is an enemy after us we can believe what we think is true, when in reality the enemy will place thoughts in our minds and it is our responsibility to test them against truth.  Our lives have been infiltrated by wrong thinking that is bringing forth wrong living and beliefs. Our battle is won in our hearts and minds when we train them in Truth.

Songs:   Peace (Amanda Cook), Ascribe

Praise:  God for being the Prince of Peace, for being a God of Order, for being a God who keeps His Promises, for being Truth, for being Steady, for being our Living God, for being Healer.

The Word: Proverbs 4:23, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Philippians 4:7-9, Colossians 3:1-4, Matthew 12:34-36


  • That we strengthen our minds in the Truth of God’s word

  • That we stand confident in who God is so that we are confident in who we are

  • That we develop a discipline to hold our thoughts captive, and measure their validity to the truth found in God’s word

  • That we develop a spiritual discipline in reading God’s word

  • That we protect hearts by being careful what we listen to and watch

  • That we take on the character of Peacemaker, bringing it wherever we go

Friday:  Pray for the Warriors

Today we remember that our battle is not with flesh and blood, but with the rulers, authorities and principalities of the evil realm.  We ask the Holy Spirit to be with us, helping us to discern. We don’t wage war against each other but lift one another up in encouragement spurring one another on in good!  

Songs:  Break every Chain, The Great I Am

Praise:  God for Mighty Power, for being Victorious, for His Courage, for His Wisdom, for His All Consuming Fire, for being ALL we Need!

The Word:  Philippians 1:27, Matthew 19:13-14, Ephesians 6:18-20


  • That our students rise up in knowledge of how deep and wide the Father’s love is for them, that they grow in boldness and confidence in the power that is in them, that they be strengthened in their inner man, that they hunger and thirst for the Truth all the days of their lives.

  • Pray for the students by name and the schools they represent.

  • Students we serve:

Daegon     Noah Landon     Breanna Anthony    Xavier Bryce Elijah     TJ Haley Jacob Nick    Iyanna Lexi Nathan Star    Nikki Jayda Andrew Grace Xavier     Robby Amaya Paul Reyna Abigail Mia     Mikaela Gannon Naomi Izzy

  • Schools represented:

Vista Ridge High    Sabin Middle Sky View Middle      Rampart High Mesa Ridge High Pine Creek High      Falcon High Goal Academy High Horizon Middle Colorado Military  Academy

  • Pray for us as a ministry (1 Timothy 2:1-4), that our needs be met according to the riches in Christ Jesus.

  • Pray for the leadership of The Vine

  • Leaders:

Roger     Maryann  Tom Becky     Brandon Katie    Justin Sheila Daniel     Lindsay Jonathan Matthew    Doug Jay