Dream Big | Our Roots

In April of 2013, an opportunity arose to start some programs.  A local church gave The Vine a free place to organize four Friday Fun Nights.  So much was learned from those events and they became the launching point for our now bi-monthly Friday Fun Nights.

Since the launch, the ministry has continued to see God’s favor upon the programs and the youth involved.  We are seeing the lives of youth changed by God’s love and He continues to lead and guide us forward as He provides open doors and continued opportunity.


In fall of 2010, Katie and Maryann began a friendship that became a deep bond of sisterhood. In the spring of 2011, a dream that God had placed in their hearts individually was shared and they realized that it was in fact the same dream! A dream about a safe place where youth could go to hang out with each other, have fun, and learn who Jesus was. It became apparent that the deep bond God had created between Maryann and Katie was to serve as a foundation of what He was going to do through them. While Katie was fulfilling a ministry commitment, God led them through weekly times of prayer and fasting to begin the frame work of The Vine.

In the fall of 2012, Maryann and Katie began by networking with youth pastors, ministry leaders, business people…pretty much anyone who would listen the dream God had placed on their hearts.